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Who helped themselves and who didn't for roster spots

  • TerryMc13

    With the Titans coaches and front office huddling to try and figure out who to keep on the 53-man roster, here are a few people who may have helped or hurt themselves in the preseason finale against the Saints. Keep in mind, that I firmly believe that most of the roster spots have already been decided, but there still might be one or two spots that can be swayed.

    Helped themselves
    1) Rusty Smith. If there was any thought of the Titans sliding him through waivers and onto the practice squad, it might have disappeared with that laser beam throw to Dominique Edison. As scarce as strong-armed , accurate passers are in the league (just ask the Cardinals), Smith can't be dangled to the other teams, even though he is still very green.
    2) LeGarrette Blount. Another guy who may have shown too much to slide to the practice squad. Blount still has a lot to learn in pass protection and by his own admission played only one half of one game his junior year at Oregon on special teams. But he pushes the pile. If the Titans let him go and he is claimed and winds up being a contributor for a RB needy team (the Texans?), they will regret it.
    3) Marc Mariani. He was probably already on the roster anyway, but now he will have an official role as the return man and be among the 45 actives on game day.

    Hurt themselves
    1) Nick Schommer. In the past two games, he looked to be on his way to securing a roster spot, even moving up past Nickey and Myron Rolle into second-team safety reps. But he allowed the first of two blocked punts on the night by missing a block. Schommer also had a part in a blown coverage on a Saints score, after which he and Ryan Mouton engaged in the old Lamont Thompson/Reynaldo Hill/Pacman Jones post-TD discussion of "I thought you were supposed to cover him."
    2) Robert Johnson. He allowed the second of two blocked punts, and while Johnson will probably still beat out Rolle and/or Schommer for a backup safety spot, he showed he has a lot to learn on special teams.
    3) Stanford Keglar. This is a guy who apparently has fallen completely out of favor, just a three years after being hailed as a potential future starter when drafted. He has fallen down near the bottom of the depth chart and will do well to hold his roster spot this weekend.

    TitanInsider: Any closer and you'd be in the huddle.

  • I agree with this post on those who helped themselves and hurt themselves. Rusty Smith looked good as well as Blount. Who I think helped himself was Edison. Even though he may not make this roster, I can see him being on the practice squad. I would like to see Robert Johnson make the team. Even though he has a lot to learn, I think he has the makings of a Marcus Robertson. He is very instinctive.