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Your 5 most indispensable Titans

  • TerryMc13

    Let's get some opinion going here on who you think are the five players the Titans can least afford to do without. And don't just throw out names. Give reasons for it.

    1) Chris Johnson, RB. No debate here. CJ should be at the top of just about everybody's list. If he goes down to a serious injury, you guys are trolling 247's college boards trying to figure out who the Titans are taking with that top-five pick.
    2) Michael Roos, LT. Tennessee's offensive line is one of the best in the league. Their five starters are all solid, but depth is a little inexperienced to say the least. I'm not sure how well they would fare without any of the five gone for a long period of time, but especially without their All-Pro left tackle.
    3) Cortland Finnegan, CB. Finnegan has to become a leader in the secondary and be a consistent playmaker, especially if he is going to do more shadowing of an opponent's best receiver.
    4) Jason Jones, DT. You've seen flashes of it, and you've seen it this preseason. I debated with one Titans' employee who the most valuable DL was. He went with William Hayes, but I believe there's more depth at end than tackle, and Jim Washburn himself has even called Jones a "difference-maker."
    5) Vince Young, QB. Yes, Kerry Collins can still stand in and deliver if called upon, but Young might hold the Titans' fate in his hands. If he can play in the regular season like he has for most of the first two preseason games, his value and importance skyrocket. It's a crossroads season for VY.

    Honorable mention: LB Stephen Tulloch, DE William Hayes, K Rob Bironas, T David Stewart, S Chris Hope, TE Bo Scaife.

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  • 1) Chris Johnson, RB- CJ2K is the base of the Titans offense. The entire offense will shut down if this guy isn't on the field... you saw it happen in the Ravens playoff game two years ago. CJ is needed if nothing else to keep the defense honest.

    2) Stephen Tulloch, LB- I was unsure of Tully when the preseason started, but I've seen how he has become the leader of this defense. Your defense always needs an emotional leader, and now that Bulluck is gone Tulloch steps up.

    3) Michael Roos, LT- Roos is an incredible blocker, and in the top 5 in the league at left tackle. Roos protects the blindside of the quarterback (the side the quarterbacks back is to), and you've seen the highlights of where quarterbacks get crushed from the blindside. (Look at the Eli Manning preseason hit)

    4) Michael Griffin, S- Griffin is the last line of defense in the Titans defense, and without him the defense will crumble. Maybe you can find someone to fill his spot, but its not very likely.

    5) Vince Young, QB- This offense is built around VY. From the tall receivers that can snatch an inaccurate throw out of the air, to the tight end who has played with VY since his college days. Chris Johnson was a great addition to the squad as well. Now its time for VY to step up and if he plays like he played during the preseason, you could see him go to number one on this list real quick.

    Honorable Mention: CB Cortland Finnegan, DT Tony Brown, TE Bo Scaife

  • 1. Vince Young, QB: Most would say CJ, but let's not forget that we were 0-6 last year with a healthy CJ, but with Vince on the bench. VY isn't the best fantasy QB in the world, but all he does is win. He has the "it" factor.

    2. Chris Johnson, RB: The best running back in the league. He allows us to have an explosive offense.

    3. Michael Roos, OT: He protects VY's blindside and anchors one of the top offensive lines in the league.

    4. Stephen Tulloch, MLB: Just a hunch, but from what I've seen and heard, Tulloch is going to be the heart and soul of our defense this year. I think he is our top candidate to be a surprise Pro-Bowler this year.

    5. William Hayes/Jason Jones, DE/DT: I can't decide between these two. Let's just say whoever becomes the leader of the defensive line and sets the tone up front. With Fisher's style, we have to have a strong D-line.

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  • DarrenMcFarland

    1) CJ -- The most dynamic player in the league! A true homerun threat. Plus, he has the best grill.

    2) Michael Roos -- If he keeps this up for years to come, start writing his speech for Canton.

    3) Jason Jones -- JJ, as Fisher likes to call him, has to be that force that disrupts things. Pressure= Turnovers, Sacks, and 3 and outs.

    4) Cortland Finnegan -- Love his intensity, as long as it doesn't lead to stupid penalities. Every good D needs a shutdown corner. While I wouldn't classify him as one, he's the closest one they have.

    5) Rob Bironas -- When you play "close to the vest" style of football, you better have a reliable kicker. Plus, how many games in the NFL come down to a FG? He's saved their bacon a lot over the years!

    Honorable Mention: VY, Tulloch, and D. Stewart

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  • (1) CJ-The top running back in the league, plus he's not to shabby in fantasy either.

    (2) Micheal Roos-Easily one the top left tackles in the league who doesn't get the recognition that he deserves.

    (3) Cortland Finnegan-The guy who makes the secondary go and a true shutdown corner.

    (4) Vince Young-The Titans will go only as far as VY takes them. If he can cut down on turnovers and improve his passing efficiency the Titans can have a solid year in 2010.

    (5) Tony Brown- If he can duplicate his 2009 campaign and get help from Jason Jones(assuming he stays healthy), William Hayes, Derrick Morgan the defensive line can be a strength in 2010.

    Honorable Mention-Michael Griffin, Rob Bironas and Stephen Tulloch

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