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Hall: Fisher urged players meeting in skid

All season long as the Tennessee Titans skidded from the heights of 5-2 to the depths of 6-10, there were questions about the team's leadership in the locker room.

Numerous times Coach Jeff Fisher denied that there were leadership problems, even as veterans Kevin Mawae, Keith Bulluck, Alge Crumpler and Kyle Vanden Bosch were allowed to walk away.

But in a radio interview with TitanInsider's Darren McFarland and former Titans Pro Bowl tackle Brad Hopkins on WNSR-AM 560, fullback Ahmard Hall made a telling statement regarding a players' only meeting.

About halfway through the Titans' six-game losing streak, the Titans held a closed-door players only meeting – at the urging of Fisher, according to Hall.

“It was a collective of guys. Coach Fisher brought the guys in, you know, the leaders of the team, and we all together got together and decided we needed to talk to the guys,” Hall said. “And when we did that, guys started doing different things and started putting in a little bit more time here and there. We were losing the games by slim margins, but for whatever reasons we didn't get it done.”

Hall indicated that the meeting occurred after the third loss in the six-game skid, which would have been after the loss to Washington which was followed in the locker room by Vince Young's tirade toward Fisher.

Hall, set to be an unrestricted free agent this off-season, said the skid wore on players as the season went on.

“We did have that once we lost our third game in a row. We came out and we played harder, but we didn't get it done. We went on that six-game skid,” he said.. 'And when guys are doing these things and they don't see any results from it, some guys tend to go, 'Man, I'm doing this and I'm doing that, but I'm not seeing any results. But at the end of the day, I think everybody played hard this year. We just, for whatever reason, didn't get it done.” Hall also said the collapse wore on Fisher, who returns in 2011 without an extension beyond next season.

“Being in this business, you want to get better year after year. We started so fast, and no one gave us a chance. Coach Fisher has been doing this for a longtime,” Hall told the station. “He's had some great teams. I've been a part of a 13-3 team. It had to get to him, to start so fast. Coaches look at stuff way more in depth than the average fan or guy out there. They see what the potential of the team is. Coach Fisher had great expectations for this team, and we started fast. And just to see everything fall apart like it did, it had to get to him.”

Hall said he would like to return to the Titans, the only team he has played for in his NFL career, but knows that the business side of football sometimes doesn't allow for that.

“I know this team is going to be different next year. … I've seen how this place can be when you have a successful season. I was here when we went 13-3,” Hall said. “Hopefully, I can remain here. That's my desire, but if not, I know I can have success somewhere else.”

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