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CJ knows run game blame is on him

When CJ2K turned in to CJIV on Sunday, Chris Johnson knew where the blame would be placed – squarely on his shoulders.

“At the end of the day, when everything doesn't go right, I know the finger is going to get pointed at me because I'm the main focal point and I got the big contract or whatever. But at the end of the day, I've just got to continue to work like all the other offensive players,” Johnson said.

Johnson's four yards rushing was a career low, but understands that some of the lack of productivity comes from the fact that the Titans did not run much in the second half down 21-3 to New England.

“It's not a thing where you can blame Chris Palmer for not giving me enough reps, because we've got to pass the ball,” Johnson said. “It's a situation where early in the game where we've got to execute our plays and keep the game close or be winning, so we can continue to run the ball and run our offense.”

Coach Mike Munchak echoed that same sentiment in regards to why Johnson wasn't more productive, although he did say that the run game as a whole has to be more productive overall early to get more opportunities later.

“That’s why it’s hard when you’re getting hammered on justifying why he only had what he had,” Munchak said. “The problem is, you have to do well with the few you get. When you don’t, and in his case, we had four or five bad runs out of his share, it gets magnified more when you don’t get as many carries. The goal was to get more carries. Like I said, if we didn’t fall behind 21-3, we would have stuck with the run.”

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