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Titans set workouts at Father Ryan

A group of Tennessee Titans players will hold informal workouts together beginning Monday at Father Ryan High School.

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan made that announcement in an interview with TitanInsider's Darren McFarland and former Titans Pro Bowl tackle Brad Hopkins on WNSR-AM 560.

Finnegan said the Titans are in a sense taking a cue from their former teammate Kyle Vanden Bosch, who has been busy organizing workouts for his new team, the Detroit Lions.

“He was huge for us here, and I know wherever he goes, he's gonna lead. That's what we're doing now – a bunch of guys, we're sending emails to one another and texting and calling, and on Monday, Father Ryan has opened up their arms to us,” Finnegan said. “It'll be closed to the public, but we'll be out there getting it in.

“We've got to keep on keeping on. We've got to keep working out. We've set up a place, a great place to work out, not at the Titans facility, but we've just got to be ready whenever it gets worked out.”

Finnegan said he personally and the Titans as a team have been affected more than most teams by the lockout than began on Friday. Finnegan said he still has not met the new coaching staff that was hired over the past month.

“I haven't had a chance (to meet them),” Finnegan said. “I don't know what defense we're gonna run. I don't know anything. All I can do is be prepared physically. Hopefully, this thing gets worked out for the best for everybody, and we can get back to playing football.”

Such an interruption has put the Titans in a tough spot, says Finnegan.

“Just to not know what defense you're gonna run, and offense-wise, you can't trade, you can't sign guys, so you don't know what you're team is going to look like,” Finnegan said. “It's been tough and for a lot of guys, it's going to be a learning curve that some guys may have to get over in a shorter time. I look for it to be very difficult at first for us to get going.”

As for how the lockout is affecting his personal life, the cornerback is due to be a father for the first time in April with his wife, Lacey, expecting. The lockout means potentially no insurance to cover the costs of mother and child.

“It affects me one way,” Finnegan said. “I'm about to have a baby with no medical insurance, so that's huge for me. There's different situations, but all in all, it affects me, so I have to stay abreast of the (lockout) situation, just to know what I'm talking about when people start talking about it.”

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