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Walker discusses lawsuit, sort of

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker spoke about the lawsuit against him and Aldon Smith, his former teammate in San Francisco.

The two were sued in a California civil court over injuries a man named Ronndale Esporlas suffered from shooting the two are alleged to have done at a party in June 2012. Smith wound up being treated for a stab wound from the party.

The civil lawsuit claims that Walker and Smith were both intoxicated at the party where they charged $10 per person to attend and stepped out onto a balcony and began firings shots into the air.

Further, Esporlas' suit alleges that Walker made his way to the driveway of the house and began firing into the air and at people, and shot were fired back, catching Esporlas in the crossfire.

No criminal charges were filed against Walker in the matter.

When asked about the timing of the lawsuit, Walker, said, "Every thing's strange when something comes out, and it's football season it's about to start."

A reported asked Walker if he found it strange to have the lawsuit filed against him with no criminal charges pending, and he added, "You said it. Said it best.''

That was as far as he would discuss the matter, saying he preferred to put his focus on the Titans' opening-week opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"I'm just focusing on Pittsburgh and learning the scheme, and that's something that I can't worry about that happened a year ago,” he said.

Coach Mike Munchak was asked if he had addressed the matter with Walker.

“I’ve talked briefly with him today, but we’re fine,” Munchak said. “I don’t think it will distract. I think it’s something that’s happened a long time ago. It’ll be all settled I’m sure, but I don’t think these guys are much aware of it. I think he will handle himself well in the whole matter, so it’s not something we’re concerned about.”

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