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Fisher surprised VY has not been to facility

Titans coach Jeff Fisher said he is surprised that quarterback Vince Young has not returned to Baptist Sports Park or the team's home games since he was asked to leave the day after his locker room blow-up after a loss to the Washington Redskins.

“I'm surprised he's not here. He was not told to not be here. But again, he's following the guidelines of what we do with injured reserve players,” Fisher said. “We've got several players that are rehabbing outside of Nashville that are not here for games, and we've got a handful of players that are rehabbing here and are here for the games.”

Young is believed to have spent at least part of his time in Texas, and Fisher said he is not to make a special effort to meet with Young while the season is still on-going.

“I'm coaching this football team. I'm not gonna go out of my way to do that, because that doesn't have any bearing on what's gonna happen tomorrow or this weekend or over the next three weeks. He's welcome to come in if he wants to,” Fisher said. “We're gonna address it when the season is over. It will eventually be addressed. There's no rush right now as far as the last three games are concerned.”

Meanwhile, Young may be gone, but he is not forgotten by his Titans teammates.

Receiver Kenny Britt sported a towel that said, “#10 VY” on it in the first half of Thursday night's loss to Indianapolis. TitanInsider got a photograph of the towel, and Britt will be fined at least $10,000 for the offense, according to a league official in the press box, who sent word to the Titans to have Britt remove the towel in the second half.

Fisher said he was unaware of the towel on Thursday night.

“I wasn't aware of it last night. I haven't addressed it with him today. We cut the players loose (for the weekend). I'm not too concerned. What I want them to do is play,” Fisher said of Britt and the towel.

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