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Locker struggles in preseason start

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker did not seize his opportunity Friday night against Tampa Bay to close the door on veteran Matt Hasselbeck. 

Locker played most of the the first half of the contest and finished for an anemic 4 of 11 for 21 yards and an interception, he also rushed for 24 yards on 2 carries.

Despite his runs for decent gains, Locker did not look polished. He didn't show good vision while in the pocket or show very much touch while throwing the football. Locker's interception was a coach's nightmare, as it was thrown across his body into traffic, overshooting Kendall Wright, when he had tons of daylight in front of him to scramble.

Locker's throws resembled cannon fire and were often thrown on initial reads while trying to force the ball into double and triple coverage at times.

Locker has been great in the huddle and managing the game. However, due to this performance against the Buccaneers, fans and coaches may have more questions than answers and the quarterback battle will continue to rage on a little longer.

A missed opportunity for the young quarterback...

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