Locker sore, but likely to play

Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker might have to wear a harness to protect his left shoulder and could be limited in practice early in the week.
However, Locker is still expected to play Sunday when the Titans travel to San Diego to face the Chargers.

“He’s sore, but again, like we said yesterday, we feel pretty good about his chances of playing this weekend,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said. “That’s something—the shoulder—that after a day or two can get better real quick. After a game, you’re always going to be sorer with any injury than you were yesterday. But we see that as something getting better quickly. Hopefully, Wednesday he’ll be able to do things. It’s hard to tell until he gets out there and starts getting active. We just feel good about the chance of him playing this week.”

Munchak acknowledged that Locker, whom TitanInsider reported had suffered a shoulder separation, might be limited, especially early in the week, on his ability to practice, and that Matt Hasselbeck could split reps with him.

Locker also could wear a shoulder harness to protect and stabilize the injury.

“He’ll wear a harness or something for that shoulder. He’ll decide what the best thing for him as he goes through the week,” Munchak said. “Again, we still feel he can be productive like he was in the game yesterday. If he can run around and do the things he needs to do to play the position, then we’re going to be fine with him playing. If for some reason he’s not able to do those things, then we won’t put him in a position that he shouldn’t be in.”

Locker wasn't the only injury to come out of Sunday's game. Wide receiver Nate Washington was injured on the very same play Locker was. Locker was hurt trying to make a tackle on a play where Washington was separated from the ball and appeared to be knocked out. Instead, Washington had a leg contusion, and the play was ruled an incomplete pass.

“I think he’s OK. He’s got a bruise on his leg from when he got hit there,” Munchak said. “I think, initially, good contact. I think he’s fine as far as that goes. I don’t think he has any concussion-like symptoms. I think’s he OK on that end.”

Linebacker Colin McCarthy had an MRI on his right ankle. He left LP Field in a walking boot and the fear is he could have a high ankle sprain and miss some time.

“We’ll see the extent of how sore his ankle is. Again, that’s another thing where we’ll have to wait a day or so,” Munchak said. “We’ll probably know much more about him tomorrow or Wednesday morning, to what extent or how sore he is and how quickly we feel he can get back.”

Also, running back Javon Ringer, whose elbow began swelling on Friday, is in the hospital being treated for an infection.

Guard Leroy Harris did not finish the game as he knee was fatigued. He had been rested some during training camp and Kevin Matthews finished up for him.

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