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Britt focuses on rehab work in town

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt plans on spending most of his time in Nashville during the team’s five-week vacation before the start of training camp.

No one has forgotten about the trouble Britt has gotten himself into with time off in years past, but the star wideout says that he's only going to be out of town during this upcoming weekend.

"I'm going to be here." Britt said, "I'm going up to Jersey this weekend for a christening and then I'll be back, I'm going to take the Fourth of July off but after that I'm going to be grinding.

"I'm used to heading up on vacation to see family and friends but I'll be here with my wife and daughter and it'll be great to not have to move them around."

Most of Britt’s time in Nashville will be spent taking the next steps toward being able to get back on the field after two knee surgeries following tearing his ACL and MCL last September.

“Kenny will be here. He’ll have a calendar of what we expect of him over the next three or four weeks. You want to have a plan so he can see what our thinking is. We hope it all goes well, so he can be ready to start helping us out,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said.

As of now it is unknown how long it will take Britt to get back to 100 percent but he has been doing everything he can this off-season to get back onto the field.

"I don't know how far away I am right now." Britt said, "I started cutting last
week and I've been feeling good, I've been cutting a little more each day and my knee is feeling better each and every day."

"We are going to monitor it day by day and I'm going to test myself a little bit more than the day before. Hopefully I'll be out there with my teammates come July 24th.”

Britt says he hopes to be able to do something at least by the start of camp and is encouraged that can now run on the knee without any swelling occurring. He had a second clean-up procedure last month to help with that issue.

“I’m cutting a little more and the knee is not swelling on me, so I’m happy,” Britt said.

Britt has not played a full 16-game season since his rookie year. He had a hamstring injury in 2010, along with the knee injury in 2011, so Britt is making it a priority of his to finish 2012 injury free.

"It's important to me and to my family and The Tennessee Titans." Britt said, "We don't want to lose anyone of the field, we all feel like we are important to the team."

Many around the league have thrown around the term "injury prone" when it comes to describing Kenny Britt

"I have been injured the last couple of years, a hamstring and tearing an ACL is not something you want to go through. I don't think injury prone is term I would use, I would call it unlucky."

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