Second procedure possible for Britt

The possibility still exists that Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt could need a second, but comparatively minor, knee procedure before he is fully ready to return to playing football this season.

If Britt has to have the second operation, however, it should not be a major setback to his timetable to return from ACL and MCL surgery. Any sort of further work to the knee would likely be similar to the arthroscopic clean-up defensive end Derrick Morgan had last year in training camp.

Titans coach Mike Munchak confirmed that while no second procedure for Britt is scheduled at this time, the possibility still is there for additional work simply due to the type of injury Britt suffered in his right knee, which underwent reconstructive surgery last October. Munchak said second procedures with that type of injury are fairly commonplace.

“I think it always is (possible),” Munchak said. “I don't know if he will at some point, but I think that's something that's common with that injury. Derrick went through it last year. The good thing is that even if you do have it, it's not a huge setback. It's not something that sets you way back. But that is obviously part of the process, or could be, if that arises down the road.”

Britt's need for potential further clean-up in the knee may actually be traced in part to some older damage from his days in college at Rutgers. But Munchak and the Titans are confident that Britt won't be hampered for long if he has to have further work done on the knee. Britt and the Titans have remained cautiously confident that the 2009 first-round pick will be ready perhaps for limited duty at the start of training camp in late July and ready to play when the regular season opens in September.

Morgan, who missed most of his rookie year in 2010 with a torn ACL, had discomfort in his injured knee at the start of training camp last year, but was back and working approximately a week after his arthroscopic procedure to relieve discomfort in the knee. Morgan sat out the opener in Jacksonville last year after his second surgery, but was able to play in the Titans' remaining 15 regular-season games.

“We don't look at as a big deal. You have to look at it as why it's happening, but it's something that with guys who have had ACLs this is very common, something that's gone on at times,” Munchak said. “Sometimes it happens much sooner than Derrick's did, and sometimes it happens like Derrick's did, once you get more active. We'll see. He's been doing well, running hard, and we'll just have to see how the knee responds.”

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