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Mariani happy to compete again

Players who work out on their own or in groups are taking a risk given that they have no current security against injury because of the lockout.

That didn’t stop Titans receiver Marc Mariani from getting into a collision with safety Donnie Nickey during 7-on-7 drills Wednesday at Father Ryan.

Mariani, the seventh-rounder from Montana who made the Pro Bowl as a kick returner, acted as if a little extra curricular contact was planned.

"I talked to Donnie beforehand and told him I needed to shake the rust off,” Mariani said with a laugh.

Mariani indicated that it is just something that happens in the competitive spirit of the game on a football field.

"Those are bang bang plays; I know he's a competitor and I was going for the ball. It happens all the time and will happen a hundred more times,” Mariani said. “Everytime you take the field there is a risk involved.”

Mariani has been a regular at the Father Ryan workouts and was one of approximately 40 Titans players who showed up for the informal mini-camp work on Wednesday and Thursday.

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