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McRath to get season-ending surgery

Tennessee Titans linebacker Gerald McRath will undergo season-ending surgery this week to repair a partially torn patella tendon in his left knee.

McRath was trying to play through the injury, but one the pain tolerance and swelling reached a level where he could no longer play, even after resting, he decided to have surgery, which will land him on injured reserve.

It wasn't anything that was too serious, and then it just kept progressively getting worse,” said the fourth-year player from Southern Miss. “It was almost in the sense of where you're trying to play a season, and it's hurting … and (I) come out there and still not be at my best or nowhere near, and at the same time needing to rest and let the swelling go down. It still hasn't gone away, but it's a tough decision.”

McRath said the pain tolerance was what made him make the decision to
shut things down. The injury first began to bother him he said on the high school field in Dalton, Ga., where the Titans scrimmaged the Atlanta Falcons on Aug. 6.

“It was a point of pain tolerance. At first it really wasn't that bad. It was something I could get through,” he said. “After Atlanta, going on that hard field, it kind of set me back a little bit, and I'm not where I want to be at all. It's a tough decision to make, and I definitely don't want to leave these guys. I'm going into my fourth year, and there's still a lot left to be proved. I'm positive everything is going to work out.”

Titans coach Mike Munchak said McRath tried to get through the injury with rest, but that it was not getting better.

“It's one of those things that if you end up having to fix it, then you're out for the year. It was one of those issues he was trying to play with, but he got to the point where he felt he couldn't. That's why he didn't practice last week. We tried to rest him a few days a couple of weeks ago to get him over the hump, because we knew getting it fixed meant the end of his season,” Munchak said.

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