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Pacman let Titans organization down

With the Titans facing former first-round pick Adam “Pacman” Jones Sunday for the first time since he was traded in 2008, the former poster child for NFL bad behavior has become a hot topic in Tennessee for the first time in a long time.

Jones was praised as a talented player, but also one that let the Titans organization down because of the many off-field incidents that short-circuited his career in Tennessee after just two seasons and a third in which he was suspended.

“He's a good guy. I had some personal conversation with him, but I think he kind of let the organization down,” fullback Ahmard Hall said. “Anytime an organization takes a chance on you, I feel like you owe them a little bit.

“When they take a chance on you and make you a first-round pick, you can't waste first-round picks in this league. First-round picks are what makes Super Bowl contenders. You see teams that are contenders and their first-round picks are superstars in this league. And he had that ability.”

Hall said he actually enjoyed his time around Jones, adding that, “Pacman was a real funny guy. He brought a lot of energy to the locker room. You could look forward to him making practice lively every day. He's a phenomenal athlete. … But he had a lot of trouble off the field, and that's what really got him. If he could have stayed out of trouble, I think he could have been a phenomenal player in this league.”

Safety Chris Hope, who played in the secondary with Jones agreed with Hall, adding that he tried to be a positive influence on the troubled cornerback.

“I was with Pac for one year, and I had an opportunity to really try to help him and to try to transition into becoming a pro, and he had one of his most productive seasons as a pro,” Hope said. “Not that I had anything to do with that, but I feel like I had a little bit of restraint on him to where he did respect me and listen to what I had to say. He looked to me. Who knows, if he's never traded or never gets into the trouble he got into, he could have had a really successful career?

“I can't put the whole organization on his shoulders, but anytime you take a chance on a draft pick that high, you're looked at as being a brick in the building. And any guy that has any pride about himself or any competitive spirit wants to live up to and uphold and finish the deal pretty much. For whatever reason, it didn't happen for Pac, but he bounced back and he's still playing and still enjoying his life.”

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