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Titans' Britt involved in bar fight

Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Britt was involved in a bar fight early Friday morning, and there is the possibility that he could be held out of Sunday's game with the Philadelphia Eagles as a disciplinary measure.

Britt was excused from practice on Friday so as not to create an additional distraction, according to Coach Jeff Fisher, in the aftermath of an incident at Nashville Club Karma at 1:45 a.m., early Friday.

“I haven't ruled out the possibility of him not playing. It really depends on the information I'm able to obtain before kickoff. That's really all I can say,” Fisher said.

Fisher said he was “giving Kenny the benefit of the doubt,” but also indicated that he is still gather in information on the matter.

“This is what I know. I'm still of course gathering facts. He did participate in practice. I excused him from practice while I'm still trying to obtain information. My understanding is that this point is that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, that there was an altercation and that he was one of those that was trying to break it up. That's my understanding right now, and I'm still gathering facts.

Britt, who has caught a touchdown pass in four straight games and has started the past two games, had left the scene by the time police officers arrived at the club.

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron, said the matter is an open investigation regarding a potential misdemeanor assault, and because of that no police report is yet available.

According to Aaron, the police received a call about a disorderly patron around 1:45 a.m..

When officers arrived, Harold Pointer, 26, told was drinking at the bar when Bradford Miser, 29, punched him. The men started fighting and went to the floor. At that point, Britt jumped into the fray, joining Miser in throwing punches at Pointer.

Pointer was advised of his options and said did not wish to press charges immediately, though he stated that he might wish to file charges later. Pointer could file charges against both Miser and Britt if he chooses to appear before a judicial officer to do so.Fisher declined comment when asked if other Titans players were present in the club. A source said that Chris Johnson was present but not involved in the incident.

Britt has had a number of minor incidents, including being ticketed for not having a valid driver's license in training camp, having numerous unpaid traffic tickets in his native New Jersey and paying $165,000 bail for a childhood friend who was a convicted felon.

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