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CJ remembers spurn from Cowboys

Chris Johnson admits he would have liked to have played for the Dallas Cowboys when he entered the NFL in 2008.

The glitz and glamor of America's Team and now playing in a Taj Mahal of a stadium has its perks. Instead of doing to Dallas with the 22nd pick in that draft, the Cowboys instead took University of Arkansas star Felix Jones.

Pittsburgh then selected Rashad Mendenhall with the next choice, and the Titans ended the run on running backs by “settling” for Johnson, who was their preference all along.

“That was a team I wanted to go to in the draft. They ended up taking another guy or whatever like that. But it's always fun going to a city like that and going to a stadium like that. It should be pretty fun,” Johnson said of competing against the Cowboys on Sunday.

Johnson said he tries to motivate himself especially when he faces a team that chose someone else over him on that draft day.

“You think about it anytime you play one of those teams, and they picked one of those guys over me,” Johnson said. “It's just a thing that you want to go into the game and do better than that guy. Any running back I'm playing against, I feel like I'm competing against, you want to do better. But that's a special situation playing them, because they picked him over me.”

Right now, Johnson and the Titans are trying to figure out how to “fix” a running game that still ranks ninth overall in the league. Johnson was held to 53 yards on 19 carries by the Denver Broncos and faces another 3-4 scheme from the Cowboys on Sunday.

On Monday, Johnson even offered an apology via his Twitter account for how he has played thus far, even though his 354 yards rushing puts him on pace for more than 1,400 yards this season. Far short of his 2,500-yard goal and his 2,006 from last year, but quite good nonetheless. So why apologize?

“Any back that runs for 1,400 or 1,500 yards, he's had a great year. I just know what my goal is. Those are things I'm not too much worried about right now. I'm just trying to get victories, and at the end of the year, hopefully, I'll be close to my goal or achieve my goal,” Johnson said.

As an aside, Johnson was asked about Minnesota's trade with New England for receiver Randy Moss, who joins Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson to form a potentially lethal offense.

“I wish we coulda got that guy,” CJ said.

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