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Britt arrested hours after plea

Less than 24 hours after pleading guilty to a careless driving charge, Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was arrested by police in New Jersey in Hoboken, N.J.

The Jersey Journal first reported the arrest on its web site, saying that Britt had been charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a government function.

According to the complaint summons, the Titans star wide receiver also, however, is facing a charge of discarding or destroying evidence, which was allegedly a hand-rolled cigar league containing “suspect CDS marijuana with purpose to impair its availability specifically by crushing and breaking it with your hand and therefore making it unavailable to the investigating officers.”

Britt, according to narcotics officer Steven Aguiar of the Hoboken Police Department, did “purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when order to do so, then pulling your hand away.”

Britt had just pleaded guilty to a previous charge this off-season earlier in the day in Bayonne, N.J., related to the speeding and car chase involving his blue Porsche. Britt had been clocked doing 71 mph in a 50 mph zone and tried to evade police in the matter. He and a friend then parked the car and Britt originally denied that the vehicle containing Tennessee plates belonged to him when approached by police.

Britt has had several minor run-ins with the law, both in Tennessee and New Jersey since the Titans made him a first-round pick in 2009.

He has a court date to appear in Hoboken City Municipal Court on June 16 at 11 a.m. EDT on the latest charges.

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